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Education Code Section 17620

The law requires the maximum assessment for development be adjusted every two years by the change in the Class B construction cost index, as determined by the State Allocation Board (Board) in each calendar year. This item requests that the Board make the adjustment based on the change reflected using the RS Means index.


Education Code Section 17620(a)(1) states the following: “The governing board of any school district is authorized to levy a fee, charge, dedication, or other requirement against any construction within the boundaries of the district, for the purpose of funding the construction or reconstruction of school facilities, subject to any limitations set forth in Chapter 4.9 (commencing with Section 65995) of Division 1 of Title 7 of the Government Code.”

Government Code Section 65995(b)(3) states the following: “The amount of the limits set forth in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall be increased in 2000, and every two years thereafter, according to the adjustment for inflation set forth in the statewide cost index for class B construction, as determined by the State Allocation Board at its January meeting, which increase shall be effective as of the date of that meeting.”

Developer Fee Levels

There are three levels that may be levied for developer’s fees. The fees are levied on a per-square foot basis. The lowest fee, Level I, is assessed if the district conducts a Justification Study that establishes the connection between the development coming into the district and the assessment of fees to pay for the cost of the facilities needed to house future students. The Level II fee is assessed If a district makes a timely application to the Board for new construction funding, conducts a School Facility Needs Analysis, pursuant to Government Code Section 65995.6, and satisfies at least two of the requirements listed in Government Code
Section 65995.5(b)(3). The Level III fee is assessed when State bond funds are exhausted; the district may impose a developer’s fee up to 100 percent of the School Facility Program new construction project cost.